Moneta Bot: The Basics

Who is Moneta Bot For?


People who want exposure to the high-yield altcoin market but don’t have time to track the 1000+ coins.


Passively invested in the crypto markets but want the experience benefits of active trading.


Excited about cryptocurrency but not sure how to get started or don’t have the time to track the rapidly evolving market.

Why Moneta Bot?


Not technical or not sure what a bot is? We help you set it up and then all you have to do is watch it perform.

Alpha & Beta

Increase Bitcoin holdings by leveraging gains from altcoins and benefit from exposure to both. Beats a buy-and-hold strategy.


Cryptocurrency markets are open and active 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. So is Moneta. Don’t miss out!

Advantages of Moneta Bot

Moneta Bot Progression

Moneta Bot: Highly Evolved Automatic Trading

Continuous Updating

Moneta Bot is superior to other trading bots in that it intakes updated technical and fundamental analysis parameters on an on-going basis. Each trade is unique to the coin and the market conditions at the time.

Mid to Long Term Outlook

Moneta Bot is not high frequency trading. It keeps exchange fees low by trading high probability set ups with longer term sell strategies.

Gradual Accumulation

Moneta Bot works best with small-per-trade capital allocations (.5%-1% trading capital per trade) since it scales into larger positions as the market confirms favorable trend lines. Risk is distributed across a large number of coins and accumulation is deliberate.


Since the bot is continuously updated it benefits from real-time market sentiment analysis, increasing buying cadence when BTC is strong and selling into strength during altcoin rallies

Moneta Bot Results


Coins Invested


Moneta Bot ROI*


Moneta Bot Trades

*Outperforming BTC by over 50%
Data: Since August 1, 2017

Moneta Bot Also Performs in Turbulent Times

Recently, BTC hit a local top which precipitated a full week of panic selling where it lost over 40% of its value. Overall market cap of all cryptocurrencies fell by $178 billion (28%).
During the same period, Moneta Bot executed over 30 trades with 100% profit on each and increased it’s the value of its holdings by 31%
Chart 1 chart2
Moneta Bot Strategy

Risk Mitigation


User always controls their coins. Exit positions or entire market at will.


Two-factor authentication (2FA) is enabled for all accounts. BTFD will assist users in turning on 2FA and managing keys through Authy.

Remote Desktop & VPN

Moneta Bot is set up to run on a secure, off-shore remote desktop (RDP). RDP environment is only accessible through an encrypted VPN.


BTFD uses encrypted voice, messaging, and file sharing to secure internal communications.


Counterparty exchange risk is mitigated on a per user basis. Users should allocate capital to be held on exchanges per their own risk tolerance

Enrolling in Moneta Bot with Ease

One-on-one enrollment assistance
USD to BTC onboarding
Encrypted virtual private network
Password and seed management
Set up of bot trading parameters
Off-shore remote desktop (RDP) for persistent trading
Bittrex trading account set up
Integration of trading platform API keys with BTFD Bot

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